JAVA WITH JOE presents

the view from the bottom

10 days of digging into the beatitudes

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day 5

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

for they will be satisfied.

Aside from a good ol’ fashioned fasting day, hunger and thirst have a way of showing themselves. You can’t, or at least don’t, hide it when you’re hungry or thirsty. Even if you try to, your body will show the signs. These days, we’re all hungering for justice. For peace. For things to be right in the world. For the innocent, for the unborn, for the undocumented - whatever your specific passion is, we’re all feeling it.

The trouble is, as social media becomes more hostile, it’s getting harder and harder to put an opinion out there and still feel good about the whole thing 24 hours later.

I’d encourage you not to give up. Don’t stop letting that hunger and thirst show. Don’t be quiet about it. The good news, not just for you but for the world, is Jesus says you’ll be satisfied.

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