God Doesn't Need Prayer. So Why Pray?

No doubt. Life is busy. There are so many things vying for our attention, so many things pulling us in all sorts of directions. It can feel like we are in survival mode, struggling to breathe and stay atop of the waves that are swirling and crashing on our heads.

With so much happening in the day to day, is it really realistic to add one more thing? Do we need to pray? Surely, God doesn’t need our prayers?

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Will WrightComment
I Don't Want My Kids to Go to College

Wait a minute. Don’t I want my kids to be successful, happy, and thriving? Don’t I want them to have good things in this life? And don’t I want to make sure they don’t end up living in my basement in their 30s?

The answer is yes, of course I do. But I believe something else is far more important than worldly success.

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Adoring the Cross of Christ on Good Friday

Some events are so powerful and important as to become unfixed from time. By the power of Almighty God, the Cross comes to us at every single Eucharist in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. But on Good Friday, we enter into communion with Christ by adoring Him through His holy Cross which is physically in front of us.

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Will Wright
The Cross Speaks

The Cross speaks to us. On the Cross, we hear the Good News. God became man, so that man could become like God. Jesus died, so that we might live. The Cross speaks loudly of a deep and abiding love. The Cross speaks throughout all time until Christ comes again. The Cross speaks at every Mass. The Cross speaks an invitation to abundant life if we embrace the crosses in our own lives.

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