The Best Teacher


Cristina Aguilar

The Influence of a Teacher

Teachers are at the top of the most influential characters in a person’s life. Teachers have the capacity to inspire or to destroy, to feed or to starve, to give or to withdraw. Even if the subject being learned is not the student’s favorite, an encouraging teacher can make the lessons more manageable to learn; and even inspire the student for a career within that subject! On the contrary, even when the subject is a student’s favorite, if the teacher is apathetic toward the subject or the students, the lessons become difficult to learn. As a result, the student’s willingness to learn can become obscured.

As students, we appreciate that our teachers have good acknowledging skills, as well as being humble and understanding. As teachers, we should also have a well-developed knowledge of the subject to deliver with efficacy and eloquence. It becomes more efficient simultaneously to teach and learn when the teacher meets the student at the level of the student.

We are All Teachers, In a Sense

But, I don’t only mean teachers and students in the professional field, I mean all of us in the field of life. We all, in a sense, are teachers and students at the same time. We live experiences in which we learn lessons, and by those experiences, we can teach or lead others who are in a similar situation. 

A quote by Pablo Picasso comes to mind, which says, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” So much can be said about these two sentences. On the purpose for students and teachers, we can say that every piece of wisdom that we gain by living our lives well, can be given away freely for the good of others. We can even practice sharing those lessons we learn when we have lived our lives unwell. We don’t only learn by just listening or don’t only teach by just speaking. We also learn by experiencing and teach with our actions.

The Best Teacher

The Best Teacher is able to give us a perfectly delivered lesson. This Divine Teacher is our Lord Jesus Christ, united with our gentle Father, in the power of His Holy Spirit, who gives us the light to see in the darkness. He gives us the strength to walk past our fears. He acknowledges everything we bring to Him and meets us exactly where we are. He understands all our struggles in life and walks with us to help us make it through. We only need to maintain good communication with Him, so that we can understand when He speaks to us. He leads us and forms us to be holy as He is holy.