The Time is Now

Now is the time… 

We believe Jesus made the tomb empty so he could make our lives full.


Have you ever had a burning desire to do something amazing? Have you ever felt you were created to be something more? Have you ever jumped, not knowing where you would land?


We were created to speak. To inspire. To give hope. To collaborate. To create. To write. To ask questions. To listen. To be different. To be FULLY ALIVE.




At the TEN TEN GROUP, we believe Jesus made the tomb empty so he could make our lives full. We have been preparing for this moment our whole lives. We have patiently waited for our time. We have worked thousands of hours honing our craft. We have read hundreds of books. We have sat with hundreds of fully alive people seeking their wisdom and inspiration. Our time is now. We are ready. More ready than any moment in our lives. 




A day came when we could no longer stay small. We finally listened to the nagging voice in our heads that said our message, our art, our passion, and our brand were ready to be launched into the world. This is the day we moved. We have never been more convinced in the timing. The world is ready for THE TEN TEN GROUP. THE TEN TEN GROUP is ready to deliver and break new ground. 




After more than 25 years traveling all over the world, after speaking and listening to hundreds of thousands of people, THE TEN TEN GROUP has arrived. It gives new meaning and direction to what it means to live into John 10.10. THE TEN TEN GROUP promises to deliver lasting value and redefine the idea of a life well lived. 


We're rolling out new content, new events for parishes and dioceses, and a wave of talented speakers and worship leaders to inspire people into deeper prayer.


We hope you can feel our excitement and our desire to share this with the world. We have personally witnessed and experienced the power of being fully alive. Now is the time to unleash this into the world. 


Please share this blog. Print it out. We’d love to hear your comments. Subscribe and let’s become more fully alive together. 

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-Joe Farris 

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