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We exist to reveal the potential of every person to become fully alive.

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Staff members at religious institutions are busy leading other people in prayer. Often, their own prayer lives are neglected.

When we are looking down at paperwork, or sunken in exhaustion and discouragement, we are often not looking up in amazement at what God has done and what He is doing. 

We offer days of reflection for clergy and staff to pray without having to worry about the logistics.

 We will offer fresh ideas on how to remain amazed by God and lead your congregations, ministries, and organizations in prayer.


A parish that is not amazed by what God has done and what He is doing is a parish that is not ready to see God do even greater things. 

At one of our parish missions, the entire congregation, regardless of age, liturgical preferences, and level of involvement comes together to grow closer to God.

This is a prime opportunity to teach people to pray well, and get the community on the same page about making prayer a priority. Our parish missions do just that, with guided reflections, worship music, and teaching.

We offer missions on a variety of topics, especially around Lent and Advent. Contact us today to learn more! We would love to speak with you!


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