The Ten Ten Foundation

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How Your Support Will Be Used:

Live Events

Whether we're doing a parish mission in rural Texas or a concert and worship night in the heart of New York City, there are expenses involved to make the event happen.

Often times, a parish or school wants to host us but cannot afford the entire cost. While we have many marketing tools and fundraising strategies that we share with our hosts to help them cover their expenses, sometimes churches cannot host us because they can't afford it. This is the hardest part of our ministry - we never want money to keep us from spreading the joy of the Gospel and the abundant life that awaits us in a rich prayer life. 

We'd like to be able to offer to help pay our own way while we travel with our ministry. We'd like to be able to accept a smaller stipend, cover a flight cost, etc. We'd love your help - your generosity could help us reach people that budget problems would have otherwise prevented us from ever ministering to.

Digital Media & Resources

The way people consume information and entertainment is ever-changing, so we need to stay up-to-date. Sometimes, in this 'digital age', it can feel like our words or 'posts' just go off into space and aren't heard. However, our presence on the internet is making a difference - we get positive feedback that gives us that assurance. 

We want to provide resources to aid people in their daily prayer - scripture reflections, devotionals, and instructions on how to help others pray well.

Through videos, podcasts, apps, and the like, we believe we are reaching people who may not come to a live event or even regularly go to church. There are several small fees that go along with running our digital presence, including website domain fees, paper materials, app design, and things of that nature. Your generosity would be greatly appreciated to lighten the load of these costs.


We want to respond to the ways God is calling us to serve. We're dreaming big, and we know it won't always be easy to accept his invitations. 

In order to fulfill our goals for creating vibrant resources, live events, and powerful prayer experiences, along with the follow-up needed to really make an impact in a community, we need a team. 

We want to create opportunities for people to serve God and serve through a ministry they believe in - with your help, we're continuing to assemble an incredible group of people dedicated to seeing Catholics and all Christians come more fully alive through the work of The Ten Ten Group. 

We're thankful for every person, family, and community who is partnering with us to help advance the Kingdom of God. We appreciate your support!