The Kingdom of God is Among You (Luke 17:21)

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Friday Challenge

Sometimes it feels like we're only on this earth to “wait” for death. When you're around someone who is fully alive, they operate with a deep peace but also a great urgency.  

Too often, many of us start living when we are on our deathbed, insistently telling those around us we love them or dreaming up big impossible dreams and plans, thinking of what life could have been if we'd been 'all-in'. 

How full would our churches be if we lived into the idea that NOW IS THE TIME... 

How full would our lives be if we embraced the idea that THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND...


Think of something you've been meaning to do. If you're like me, there's plenty of them. Reaching out to heal a friendship. Having that tough conversation. Finally quitting that addiction. Saying "yes" to the organization asking for volunteers.

Now do it.  

The Kingdom of God is at hand. Jesus is with you. Step into life today with a deep peace and a great urgency. 

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