The Kingdom of God is not of this world (John 18.36)

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My Kingdom is not of this world...
— Jesus

 Think for a moment...

Jesus didn't say his kingdom wasn't 'in' this world, but rather that it's not 'of' this world. similarly For us, we're called to be 'in' this world, but not 'of' this world.

How often do you make efforts to rise above the ways of this world and be focused on the kingdom? How often are you 'kingdom-minded' as opposed to bogged down worrying about things that only matter here on earth?

the solution is to pray - more than we worry. while we work. while we wait. in the midst of joys and sorrows. when we rise each day and before we lay our head to sleep. before we make big decisions and also during the small decisions that make up our days. Prayer is the key. 

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