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The Transfiguration…

It’s a classic story that most of us are familiar with, but few of us probably understand. This mystical encounter on a mountain top was eye-opening for Peter, James, and John - and it can be eye opening for you, too.

Jesus showed a glimpse of His heavenly glory. If I was one of the disciples and was doubting whether or not Jesus was the Son of God, this would probably be the moment that convinced me.

This Lent, hopefully we’ll see Jesus in new ways, be captivated even more by His beauty, and become even more convinced in our hearts that He is who He says He is. However, don’t let it stop there! We, too, are meant to climb the mountain. We, too, are meant to be transfigured.

See, Lent isn’t merely a self-control program. Christianity isn’t merely the school of morality. We climb the mountain, not because we need a challenge or we want to prove something to the world, but because the Lord invites us. This brings us to the first thing to consider:

Why do you wake up every day and pursue your faith? Is it because the Lord is inviting you up the mountain, drawing you to Himself, and you want to accept that invitation? Or are there other motivations? Leading up to this Sunday, work through that question and expose any other reasons you pursue your faith.

Naturally, the direction in which you start a journey will have a massive impact on where you end up. That’s one reason why asking the above question is so important. We need to be constantly recalculating, because the Enemy always wants to knock us off target.

Now, let’s talk about the destination. If faith is merely a school of behavior or an education in ethics, then graduation would be a Nobel Peace Prize or simply being a good person. Not bad goals… but not the ultimate goal.

We are called to be transfigured as children of God. God desires to elevate our human nature. This is not to say we cease being people and become God the Creator. But rather, in a way that is over my head, we actually share in His divine life. We cooperate with grace. We become more like Him. What an unbelievable love, that not only does God not cast us out, but invites us to be members of His family, citizens of Heaven.

Friends, as St. Therese said, “The world is thy ship and not thy home.” We were made for much more than the pleasures of this world - and we were made for much more than the self-mastery it takes to keep the pleasures of this world in check. We’re invited to share in God’s own life, to share in the constant exchange of love, to receive His love and pour it out to all we meet. This journey isn’t easy, it’s a climb… but ask Peter, James, and John - the view at the top is worth it.

Question/challenge: What can you do this week to receive God’s love better than you have been, and to share it better than you have been?

Let’s chat again next Wednesday.

Dom and Joe  

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