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This Sunday’s Gospel tells the familiar story of the prodigal son - however, for a moment, consider that the son is not the only prodigal in the story.

A prodigal is one who ‘spends their resources freely, recklessly, wastefully or extravagantly’. Yes, the son did this with his inheritance. Yes, when we sin, it’s a similar act of squandering our inheritance (abundant life in Christ and eternal communion with God in Heaven) for things that won’t satisfy.

However, does the Father not also spend his primary resource, his love, wildly? Almost recklessly? Especially in Jesus’ time, this story was very controversial. It was unthinkable that a man would forgive his son for such a betrayal.

Indeed, the Father is extravagant with his celebration over his son’s return. He freely pours out his love upon him.

God the Father is the same way with us. Perhaps the story begins with a prodigal son but ends with a prodigal father - a father who lavishly spends his love on his children, not worried about running out, not counting to see if he can ever be repaid, just loving freely and extravagantly. The world calls it a waste. The Father calls it mercy.

God is good.

Question/challenge: in light of how generously god has given you his love, how can you do something generous for someone this week? ……… maybe even someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Let’s chat again next Wednesday.

Dom and Joe  

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