the journey

Recently, I (Joe) was leading a parish mission and had a moving story shared with me. A woman explained how she had suffered a great loss, the loss of a child, and had really suffered a crisis of faith. The ONLY prayer she could say was, “Jesus, I trust you!

She explained how she often screamed the prayer while alone in the house, trying to make sense of God’s plan. The past few months, we at Ten Ten have tried to live out “Reckless Trust”. In doing so, we have begun praying The Litany of Trust. This prayer has also found its way into our parish missions.

You can breeze through it in 60 seconds, but most of the time people go a little slower and pray with it for about 6 minutes. However, how much deeper could we dive into trust if we did it over the course of 6 weeks?

This woman found peace in praying this prayer with her community.  My only struggle has been that in praying the litany I often rush through the intentions. We have entered a time where trust has evaporated for many of us. Perhaps this prayer is part of the answer.

Please join us as we dive deeper and more intentionally into RECKLESS TRUST. 

How does it work? Each week day, you’ll get a new line of the novena. The first line changes every day, but the second line is the same for the first half and then changes for the second half. It’s almost like a ‘call and response’ prayer, except you’ll be calling and responding. Then, Joe and Dom will offer a short reflection, question, or challenge to accompany your prayer that day.  

Please consider sharing a story from this week which grew from your daily cup of Java with Joe!

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