From the false security
that I have what it takes...
Deliver me, Jesus.

Ahh, the 1980s… they gave us great long-haired classic rock groups releasing hits we still sing today. How about that one from the band ‘38 Special’…

“Just hold on loosely 
But don't let go 
If you cling to tightly 
You're gonna lose control”

Now that’s wisdom! But we all want to feel secure, so we cling to what we think will keep us safe. We want to protect and provide for ourselves.

Those of us who have tried to fulfill our purpose in life and find true joy on our own merits, by our own strength, know that it simply doesn’t work. It’s a false security.

There’s good news, though.

You don’t have to have it all together. Give God permission today to lead you into true security, as Psalm 91 says, “underneath the shadow of His wings.”

He does have what it takes. Trust deeper today.

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