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We exist to reveal the potential of every person to become fully alive.
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The Journey: 

Finding joy in life is not a one time decision. It is a choice we make again and again every day. The same could be said for loving the people in our lives, or trusting in God, or being a part of a healthy community. What separates a simple moment in time from a habit we form is that with forming habits comes a journey. While we all begin our journey at the same place, birth, we all take many different paths along the way. We are all in unique situations, relationships, and seasons. Yet, we are on this journey of life together - a life that Jesus said should be abundant!

Each host of this mission will receive 10 reflections, one for each Sunday to be placed in the bulletin. It might include a brief reflection on the readings, an encouragement and challenge, or some discussion questions that can be used in a family or small group setting. These can be added into an already existing resource that parishioners take home (i.e a bulletin), can be added to the pew seatback for parishioners to take home with them after Mass, or can be sent out to parishioners via email. This will help us journey with you leading up to the mission.

The Mission: 

The "Fully Alive" Parish Mission is a one, two, or three night prayer experience including preaching, group discussion, worship music, reflection, Sacraments and Adoration (per host communities preference).

We will focus on the three components we believe are most necessary for the abundant life that Jesus offers: prayer, trust, and tribe.

To book a mission, fill out the form below or contact us at, or call us at (657) 217-6532.