the week after turkey


You’ve digested the turkey. You’ve wiped the cranberry sauce off the tablecloth. The company has gone back home and you’ve set your sights on what you need to do during the next month leading up to Christmas. We think there’s two important lessons from Thanksgiving to capture before they slip away.

1.) Be thankful and be vocal about it.

2.) Teach someone something, and learn something from someone.

Be Thankful

We all know that one meal isn’t enough time to express our gratitude for the good in our lives. Still, most of us haven’t made it a daily habit, even though we know the benefits of having an ‘attitude of gratitude”.

We are people that need reminders. One simple look at my iPhone would tell you that I need settings, alerts and alarms that keep my life on track, reminding me to do the most simple things - even good things, things that should come naturally to me.

We need help remembering what God has done and is doing. For this reason, gratitude - verbal gratitude - is so important. When we speak about how he’s fulfilled promises yesterday, we speak hope into the anxieties of tomorrow. This will be a blessing to us and those around us - let’s be thankful and be vocal about it.

Teach and Be Taught

As the legend goes, the Plymouth pilgrims lost about half of their population after the harsh winter of 1620. They were desperate for some help learning to cultivate the land. The Wampanoag tribe helped the pilgrims learn to hunt, fish, plant, and master other critical survival techniques. When Autumn came, the pilgrims had a large harvest, and celebrated with a huge feast. They invited the native Americans to join them - the first Thanksgiving.

This week, focus less on having competitive advantages over the people around you, and instead try passing on something valuable you’ve learned. Also, find a time to ask someone (maybe a parent or mentor) to teach you something new. Without my mother-in-laws guidance, my guests would not have had a properly cooked and carved turkey this Thursday.

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